Phase I

Weight loss and plyometric-based training. Skate-skiing for fun. I had been doing P90X, followed by P90X2. In early February I began Insanity. A year ago I weighed 172. As of late March I weigh 148. The lower weight makes injury less likely when I resume running. Average weigh loss: about a pound a half a week, with setbacks for travel and feast days. Phase I ends in early April, when I complete the 9-week Insanity workout. (It will take me more than 9 because of breaks for travel and skiing.)

Phase II

Repeat the first month of Insanity while building up the running. I'll start with my meadow, a half-mile lap, then run paved and dirt road from my house toward Cardigan Mountain--our local peak. The trailhead is 2.2 miles from the house. Late in Phase II I'll begin running once a week from house to summit; it takes almost exactly the same time as the Moosilauke run, only it's longer and less steep. 

Phase III

Increased intensity and distance in the runs. No more Insanity! (The workout, I mean.) Partial runs up Moosilauke. Weekly runs from my house to the summit of Cardigan. Occasional long laps from my house to the back of Cardigan and up the magnificent Firescrew


In late June and July--depending on weather, travel schedule and the state of my Jurassic hips--I'll begin trying to run my age up Moosilauke. If I get within a minute, I'll ease off on training a bit then ramp up in August, with final attempts on and after my birthday. Remember, that gains me an extra minute. Who said aging is a bad thing?