Good Pain


My last blog served painful trout. This one has to do with pain of a drier, less floppy variety. 

Yesterday I underwent my third neuro prolotherapy. I call it "perforation." It entails being given multiple dextrose shots to deaden nerves and increase blood supply. The first round entailed 156 shots  in both hips. The second got me fewer shots, but each one was more painful. Yesterdays' attacked only one hip, but the shots--about 20 or them--were the most painful of all. The doctor uses drama-queen words like "inappropriate" and "elaborate" to describe my reaction. I jump so much that he's concerned about breaking a needle inside me. 

But the good news is, my hip snapping syndrome seems to be going away. 

Hip snapping syndrome has to do with the illotibial band, a tendon that connects the knee to the hip. Mine is all grizzled, knotted, and "tight as a drum," as Doc Peter puts it. At times the band gets caught on an edge of hip bone and stays there. The pain is excruciating and I can't walk. Which makes it difficult to run up mountains. The shots have almost eliminated the problem in my left hip. My right hip is objecting. It's doing negative messaging and threatening to filibuster.

If you are what you feel, I'm hip.  But the band hasn't caught completely for a couple of months. The treatment seems to be working. I'm walking almost normally, and soon should be able to sleep through the night. 

So there's pain and there's pain and there's pain. Achy growth pain tells you you're making progress, that your muscles are growing from all the microtears you put into them running or lifting weights. Don't take painkiller. Enjoy the pain! Signaling pain tells you something needs to be fixed. "Hey!" says signaling pain. "Take your stupid hand off the stove!" Before you take painkiller, get your stupid hand off the stove. And then treat your hand. Finally, there's debilitating pain. My hip snapping, bursitis, and arthritis seem to be preventing full lusty development of my gluteal muscles. In other words, my ass is lame.

But thanks to the painful shots, the pain is going away, and my butt, in hindsight, is going to be awesome.