Alpha Teddy


I've been posting my running slogans around the cabin and the house. As a skeptical journalist type, these relentlessly positive words come hard. But they seem to work. 

They'd work even better if I had Alpha Teddy. He was a stuffed boy bear in a pinstriped suit. My mother gave him to me when I was--OK, I was 21, but let me explain. I had dropped out of grad school and was job hunting in Washington, D.C. Alpha Teddy came equipped with inspiring statements that he'd give in a tinny voice every time you pulled his string. "There's nothing you can't do! You are going straight to the top! You're a winner--Teddy knows!"

I lost Teddy in one of our many moves. Maybe we sold him. I like to think that somewhere he's inspiring some young cutthroat wannabe to take over the world.  

Meanwhile, it'd be cool to have an Athlete Teddy. Maybe he could be wearing a pair of compression shorts instead of that wool suit. But the words wouldn't have to be  different.

I am going straight to the top.