Subject to Change


Workout plans are like best-laid plans in general. They're a very good idea because they're a good idea. They form results in the imagination. I began studying in high school because I wanted to be a lawyer. The studying helped give me enough self-knowledge to understand I didn't want to be a lawyer.  

The last workout plan I did I modified by about two thirds. Why? Because I had to travel, the trails got flooded, lightning drove me off the mountain, and I decided I needed different workouts. 

So here's my latest plan, subject to change. It has already changed, in fact. On Thursday, son George and I go to Las Vegas for the annual Beachbody Coach Summit. I'll be reporting from there.

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: Run up Cardigan slower than race pace. Afternoon: Insanity or recovery run. 

Day 3: Mixed intervals. a) Bike to Cardigan or drive to Moosilauke and warm up on access road. b) 10 minutes moderate pace, 2-minute hike. c) 8 minutes race pace, 2-minute hike. d) 4 minutes maximum pace, 2-minute hike; 4 repeats. e) Jog down. Afternoon: Optional bike ride or recovery run.

Day 4: Hike Cardigan or Moosilauke. Afternoon: Insanity Power & Resistance or Insanity Max Recovery. 

Day 5: a) Insanity warmup.  b) Bike to Cardigan. c) 15 minutes race pace, 2-minute jog downhill; 4 repeats total. OR run up Cardigan at race pace, twice. Afternoon: Recovery road run (slow half-hour jog) or Insanity or bike ride.

Day 6: Run home to Cardigan summit, or Moosilauke to First View.