The Universe in a Rock


I eat a very complex diet, and the same thing every day. I build variety into sameness.  It’s part of my philosophy of choicelessness. The following daily meal plan may sound boring, but my body doesn’t seem to think so.

Breakfast: I drink Shakeology with Super Seed—enough seeds and plants to start an aboretum.

Morning snack: P90X protein bar.

Lunch: Salad with a cornucopeia of ingredients: raw broccoli, mushrooms in oil, artichoke hearts, eggs, seeds (chia, pumpkin), carrots, cherry tomatoes, guacamole (instead of dressing). Piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

Afternoon snack: Figs, dates, or a piece of fruit in season.

Dinner: Smoothie with berries, cider, bananas, Greek yogurt.

Beverage: Water or sparkling water.

Same for exercise. I do a DVD workout (Insanity, currently) at 4 a.m. six days a week, and run four to five days a week. I work out my whole body, varying between cardio, plyometric, and strength routines. I run on the same trails, which are never the same—different mud, different ice, different wildlife, different sun.

Come to think of it, I’m like that for almost everything. I’ve been married to the same woman for 31 years, and she gets more complex and more simple every year. (I mean “simple” in a good way: focused, strong, and wise.)

I live on 150 acres and explore the universe without leaving home. Which is not as impressive as Louis Agassiz (pictured), who could see the universe in a single rock. Or Montaigne, who explored the human condition from his tower at Chateau d’Yquem. Or Henry David Thoreau, who explored the world in Concord, Massachusetts, glimpsing eternity in the seasons at Walden Pond.

If I could earn a living and supply my physical needs by never leaving my boundary—I mean, if the Devil offered me that bargain, in return for never being allowed to leave—I’d take it willingly. Maybe I’m being sentimental, having flown more than 120,000 miles last year. But I do believe in finding wonder in a small good thing. Moosilauke is my Everest. My mind is all humanity. I am small. I contain multitudes.

Especially after lunch.