What My Training Shares with Comedy


Timing! On Tuesday I'm supposed to start doing intervals on Cardigan. There's not supposed to be two feet of snow there. I can't attach crampons to my almost-barefoot running shoes.

But our meadow is almost clear of snow, so I'll start there. And Cardigan Mountain Road is clear of snow up to the base of the mountain. It looks like meadows and road runs to start. And maybe that's the way it's meant to be. Besides, I'll miss the snow when it finally does decide to melt.

Nature is my most enigmatic coach, but its chief lesson is adaptability. I'm adapting.

Meanwhile, I slept in till 5 this morning, did Insanity Max Plyo Intervals for an hour, then climbed the mountain with Dorothy. We were back at 9:15, feeling virtuous. After that I read and took a nap. It's hard to feel virtuous when you're napping. And while I probably burned more than 1,500 calories this morning, that doesn't make up for the two gluten-free pizzas my friends Rosemary and Sal made for me last night. With gorgonzola cheese. 

One more Insanity Max workout. Then let the running begin.