Outdoor Toys

Climbing holds.jpg

I just took this of me, playing outside. I work in a cabin a couple hundred yards from my house. 

You may not have a woodshed, but you may have a garage. Or a park. Or a parking lot and a tennis ball and a taste for danger.

While other people in my profession get genuine writer's block, I get playtime. That's why there are climbing holds on the side of my woodshed. I have a serious expression on my face because I'm working, intellectually speaking.

No, really. Short breaks bring ideas. Research and creative types agree. That's why I get in lots and lots of playtime. And why my wife wonders what I do with myself all day.

What I do with myself includes taking myself to the woodshed.


Dorothy had it built for me as a surprise for my 57th birthday. She's the one who put firewood in it, along with my sea kayak and a canoe. (There's another canoe on the back of the shed.) 

Woodshed Interior.jpg

I'm the one who thought of putting in a climbing rope, pull-up bar, fingerboard, and climbing wall. Not sure I can write them off my taxes, but they're totally legit work expenses. (Not the fish, though. It's made to hold my fishing rods but I use it for decoration.)

Me Climbing.jpg

Besides, fitness should be about more than eating right and working out. By taking breaks to do pull-ups or haul myself up the climbing rope or play on the climbing wall or hang off the fingerboard, or kick a ball up the meadow, I'm getting exercise. But I'm also playing out.

Montaigne wrote a lot about being playful. And he was in terrific shape. Mentally, at any rate.