Dig Deeper!

That's what Shaun T, the hardbody Insanity guru shouts. "Push it!" it yells during the Max Recovery workout: a 50-minute routine of push-ups, squats, and yoga-like moves. I'd intended to head down to the gym and do one of the more extreme workouts, but my hip decided to age a few decades overnight. I've been pushing it a bit much lately. And had dug too deep. So I stayed in my room, doing planks on this floor in Dallas's Stoneleigh Hotel.

Stoneleigh feet.jpg

Last night I had dinner with a colleague at a great sushi place, and ended up eating two or three times as much great sushi as I'd intended. Didn't drink, though, so there was that. You have to be resilient during training. Switch workouts when your hip role-plays a cannonball. Congratulate yourself on not drinking when you eat like a pig when you're supposed to drop a couple pounds. Show a picture of the floor when there's nothing else to take a picture of. Except me. And right now, you don't want that.