Ultra-ultralight Body

Me at 145.png

Soon after writing yesterday's post I weighed myself. Holy cow! I mean, holy whippet!  145 pounds. That's my target weight for running my age. There's 28 pounds less of me than a year ago. That explains why I ran run up Cardigan Mountain Road yesterday faster than in years. It was practically cheating. 

Yeah, this is skinny for a 5-11 man. Plus the rules get tricky for a 57-year-old. I have to make sure I don't get any lighter or my body will start burning muscle instead of fat. So I have no choice but to eat more. Which I really, really don't mind.

You'll find weight-loss ideas in the Tortoise Method. A few quick points here:

1. You won't lose weight permanently without both nutrition and exercise. Unless you're dead, in which case feel free to skip the exercise. 

2.Start with nutrition before you begin a serious exercise plan. If you usually have a doughnut or McMuffin, or even a bowl of cereal, excellent! That's a good weight-loss ore to exploit. Get in touch and I'll hook you up with Shakeology, the nutrient shake, at a discount. No, I don't make money from it. It's just what I used to help me reach the weight I wanted. Consider a smoothie for dinner as well. Eat your big meal midday. And don't set foot in a fast-food restaurant for three months. Or maybe ever. No, not even for the "healthier meals." Pack your food if you have to: dried fruit and nuts, plus a protein bar make for a better meal than you can possibly have at McDonald's. If you miss the little toy that comes with a meal, pack one.

3. Don't count calories, but make every calorie count. Everything you put in your mouth (to eat, I mean) should be nutritious. Unless you want to treat yourself. Just don't treat yourself every day, except with a small piece of dark chocolate. 

4. Pretend you're a celiac.  I'm a celiac. I can't  eat most grains, such as wheat, that contain gluten. Avoid gluten-free baked goods as well. Eating GF junk food or even GF bread is actually more fattening than eating whole-grain gluten foods. So what I'm really saying is, avoid baked goods altogether. Unless you're feasting.

5. Break the rules once a month. Have a feast day. Or a feast meal at least. I believe that a monthly pigout can be better for you than not feasting at all.

6. Don't lose more than 2 pounds a week. More than that and you're likely to gain even  more back. Worst case, you'll hurt yourself.

7. Start a new workout after you've lost some weight. Nutrition for a few weeks, then exercise plan. (See the Tortoise Method.) That way your knees and back will be bearing less of you. Plus you'll be more motivated when you calculate the calories you're burning (3,500 calories equals one pound, and an hour of Insanity can burn up to 800 calories). Not only that, but the exercise will ensure you don't regain weight. In fact, you may have to be careful about losing too much too fast.

8. In other words, you'll be in ultralight mode. Where are you going to take that body? Mine's going up a mountain.