I Rode the Tortoise This A.M. Yee-Haw!


Up at 4 this morning and eager to get outside right after Insanity. Then noticed it was raining hard. No  problem! There's no bad weather, only bad clothing. I checked the thermometer: 27 degrees. Then I stepped outside and  almost broke my neck on a thick coat of ice. Somebody is trying to tell me something.

So I rode the tortoise. I went ahead with Insanity Core & Balance. And I'll see what happens this afternoon. I have a raft of phone calls with people who want to know how to get awesome. Maybe I can squeeze in a run before that.  And a nap, and lunch. Definitely lunch.

You and me, friend, we're gonna get on that tortoise and ride!

It works like this. You set long-term ambitious goals. Every day you inch forward, riding that tortoise. I can't get outside this morning, but I can still get up ridiculously early in my very own time zone and feel noble and do a DVD workout. Getting up early eliminates more obstacles. And I'm hoping to get enough work done to free up time for a run when the ice melts. We'll see where the Tortoise takes me.

When the Tortoise reaches an obstacle, he inches around it. When he gets stopped, he waits. He moves forward when he can. He doesn't choose to move forward. He just does. Now and then the Tortoise has a setback. He eats more than he should or finds the entire outdoors coated with frickin' ice. These things set him back. But then he goes back to working out and eating lettuce and getting awesome. It's OK. He has time. And then in a few months he'll throw off his shell and stand up and flex and...

OK, I have no idea what a tortoise looks like when he flexes. 

Tell me your long-term ambitions, and the Tortoise and I will tell you  how to achieve them in six months. Saddle up!