Escape from Jaylight Savings Time

This woman is the reason I left Jaylight Savings.

This woman is the reason I left Jaylight Savings.

Rest Day today. Rest Day is like a Feast Day only it happens once a week. You need Rest Day to recover. You just kick back, watch your muscles grow, and reap the rewards of the other days. It's sort of like the traditional Heaven without the dying. You hope.

Meanwhile, Dorothy Senior and I were out late last night to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops at Dartmouth. I mean, really late. Didn't get home until past 10, which is two hours beyond Jaylight Savings Time's end o' day.

(Jaylight Savings means going to bed at 8 and getting up at 4. That lets me finish my morning training by 6. More to come on that. I'm convinced that having your own time zone is key to getting fit.)

That is one problem with having your own time zone. Occasionally you have to leave it. Going out with my wife is like flying to Dallas: I go through two time zones from Jaylight  to Eastern Daylight. But I travel a lot anyway. Time zones happen.

Last night was worth it, though. The Drops are hugely entertaining, and I'm kind of in love with the beautiful lead singer, vocalist/banjoist/kazooist Rhiannon Gibbons. She sang a pair of songs in Scottish Gallic that was the sexiest thing I've heard in years. (Plus I just got to write "Scottish" and "sexiest" in the same sentence.) 

This morning I slept in luxuriously until 6:30, added frozen raspberries and bananas to my Shakeology, drank, smacked my belly...and rested.