Can Feasting Help You Lose Weight?

My typical mid-day meal. But not on Easter.

My typical mid-day meal. But not on Easter.

I've been a good boy, dietarily speaking. Not yesterday, though. Easter was a feast day. It started with a thick shake made with Shakeology, Super Seed, a dozen frozen raspberries, a banana, and a cup of water. An hour later I had two hard-boiled eggs, a fruit salad, orange juice, and several cups of coffee. It was a rest day from Insanity, so I had plenty of time to eat. And I had barely started.

Before I get to the real eating, here's the theory. We know that dieting doesn't work over the long run. People end up weighing more than if they'd never dieted. That's because the body tends to store more fat after lean times, and to slow the metabolism. So what if the opposite were true? What if we ate moderately most of the time and then pigged out on feast days?

Humanity spent millions of years doing just that, before refrigeration came along. I mean, that mammoth had to be eaten or you'd have to move to avoid the smell. Right? There's some evidence that moderation interrupted by feasting works, if only to give you something to look forward to while behaving yourself. I'll be delving into the science in posts to come.

Anyway, my wife, Dorothy, and I climbed Cardigan Mountain after my second breakfast. We hiked on top of two feet of snow, burning about a thousand calories apiece. 

Back to the feasting: Dorothy said dinner wouldn't be ready until two, so I ate a dozen gluten-free Glutino crackers slathered with haroset (a Passover fruit paste), plus carrots and chive dip, plus a few figs. Then came the real feast: a beautiful maple-glazed ham, corn pudding (a traditional Kentucky dish; Dorothy successfully wooed me with it when we were dating), asparagus, and a gluten-free roll. Dorothy drank pink Champagne while I had soda water. Dessert: gluten-free carrot cake. I ate half the cake. This wasn't easy, because my stomach isn't as big as it used to be. I felt like I was going to have twins.

While watching movies I ate a large bowl of popcorn (cooked in a microwave without oil, sprayed with olive oil, and salted). Then I ate some figs, strawberries, and dates. Plus half a bar of dark chocolate. And went groaning to bed.

This morning I did an hour-long Insanity Max Interval Plyo and did pretty well. I had plenty of fuel to burn.