This is a spartini. As in, Spartan martini. Here's the recipe.

12 oz soda water

6 olives

Pour soda water into glass. Add olives.

I love martinis. Bombay Sapphire, dry, straight, olives. For years I've been writing a novel whose main character drinks martinis. And I'm not drinking. So I learned two things from making a spartini. First, I now know why stores aren't full of  olive-flavored soda water. For another, I still love olives.  

There's something really meaningful here. It may have something to do with the Time Barrier. But it's 6 a.m. on a Saturday and my Via coffee hasn't kicked in. Up at 4 to do Insanity's Core & Balance routine, a thankful 40 minutes. Tomorrow's supposed to be a rest day but I'm climbing Cardigan Mountain in the snow with Dorothy. The flesh is weak. We'll see about the spirit.