Choosing Not to Choose

Aubrey in bed.JPG

Choice is overrated. If I chose every morning whether to get up at 4, I wouldn't. What, do you think I'm stupid? If I chose every morning whether to do a workout, I wouldn't do the workout. Of course I wouldn't. 

Research (I'll cite sources later) confirms that too many choices leads to bad choices. I'm a big case in point. Evenings are so much easier now that I've temporarily quit drinking. I no longer have to choose whether to have a drink.

Ditto with getting up at 4. Actually, not ditto. I take back that ditto. Getting up at 4 sucks, even in Jay Savings Time. Even my cat thinks it sucks, and cats, having invented the eponymous cat nap,  are famous for waking up easily.  That's Aubrey at 4 a.m. this morning. I would look exactly the same if Aubrey had used my phone to take the picture, only I won't let him. But he gets up because he figures he has no choice. (Actually, he has a choice; being a cat. he could just lie there. But he's not that bright.) 

The Beachbody slogan--Decide. Commit. Succeed.--is all about choicelessness. Decide once, then quitcher whining. The "commit" part basically means not thinking about it. And since I think for a living (or am supposed to), that's kind of a break for me. 

Which reminds me of my favorite restaurant back in the early eighties when I lived in Washington, D.C. Le Steak had one entree. (Guess.) And it was perfect. I don't think the waiter even asked how you wanted it, because he was French and knew better. No squinting at the menu in dim candlelight, no regrets, Man that steak was good. 

Yeah, I'm hungry. Weight down to 146.5 yesterday. I won't let it drop below 145 before I start the road training. Did Insanity Max Recovery, which sounds like an oxymoron. What recovery program makes you do a whole lot of push-ups? But then, I didn't have a choice.