Losing Weight in (Work) Space

Monday. My alarm woke me up at 4 in the middle of a dream about Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines. (I need to improve my dreams.) Herb is a dedicated smoker and drinker and he'll probably live to a zillion. It's important to get out of bed immediately when you wake up that early. Otherwise you give yourself choices.

That's one of my tools: Choicelessness. More on that in later posts.

Ten minutes later I was doing the Insanity Max Interval Circuit workout, 60 minutes of plyo, push-ups, and core stuff. It's hard, and I have to take breaks through some of the intervals, but the young men and women in the DVD have to as well, and my goal is to do better than one more youngster each time. This morning I beat the kid who wears a weird headband. Felt pretty good about that.

I drank a recovery formula (Beachbody's) during the workout and then had my first breakfast: Shakeology and Super Seed. I use a Blender Bottle, a plastic cup with a stainless steel wire ball in it. It shakes just about anything up, including my Starbucks Via coffee, which I drink cold. The water in my cabin needs no ice.

A couple of readers have asked to see how my workspace works to help lose weight, so here you go. The standup desk is pretty standard; I bought it years ago and can't see a brand. I usually have a gel mat to stand on, but it's currently warming up beside the heater. The stool is for perching when I'm looking something up in a book. (Yeah, I'm old-school that way.) The balance ball in the foreground is the perfect height for my table. I read the news and social media on my laptop while kneeling on the ball. Feels like a back massage.

Desk & ball.jpg

After posting this, I'll foam-roll. When it gets light I'll ski for a bit. It's 17 degrees right now with plenty of snow on my trails. And then, after 9 a.m., work feels like rest. Up through the 18th century, people called professional work (as opposed to physical or hourly labor) the "life of leisure." 

If someone made me do Insanity every day, I'd support a revolution.